Vietnamese Art at Fielding Lecht Gallery

I recently attended a progressive dinner that started at the Austin Museum of Art, went on to the Fielding Lecht Gallery, and then finished at the Oswald Gallery.  The Fielding Lecht Gallery offered my first introduction to Vietnamese art.  It is not very long since Vietnamese art in general and contemporary Vietnamese art in particular emerged from anonymity.  In the last decade, have been increasingly sought after by foreign collectors and art lovers.  The first group of Vietnamese artists to gain international recognition their works is the Gang of Five, composed of five Hanoi painters:  Hong Viet Dung, Ha Tri Hieu, Dang Xuan Hoa, Tran Luong and Pham Quang Vinh.

The Fielding Lecht Gallery is a partnership between Bill and Pam Fielding and Art Director Suzanne Lecht.  Ms. Lecht is the art director of the Art Vietnam gallery in Hanoi and is a recognized authority on contemporary art in Vietnam. She is passionate about educating the world about the arts of Vietnam.  Austin is lucky that Suzanne Lecht and Bill Fielding are long time friends (they grew up in the same small town) and the Fieldings had gallery space available on Congress Avenue.  Visiting the gallery offers a great chance to view and learn about this emerging art category.

Fielding Lecht Gallery, 708 Congress Avenue, 78701, (512) 476-0044

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