Seton Hospital

A medical emergency had me end up at Seton Hospital’s emergency room. I was subsequently admitted to the hospital for six days. While there’s no way I can call this a pleasant experience, I do want to say that the entire staff at Seton was incredible. I have never met a bunch of people that are more concerned and were more compassionate than Seton staff and wanted to take the opportunity to sincerely thank them.

Oh the food…two thumbs down. The breakfast eggs had to be from the Korean War era…BLEAH. The two decent things I managed to find were the turkey sandwich and the pumpkin mousse (that one qualified for a huge thumbs up). The secret to surviving is making your way to the patient refrigerator and drinking milk and eating peanut butter and crackers. Ask nicely and the nurses will even bring that to you. Oh and there ain’t no forbidden food anywhere–trust me I looked all over the third floor for that pint of Haagen-Daz ice cream.

Achoo! Austin Allergies

The bane of living in Central Texas is Allergies. In the last national survey we were the fourth worst place to live for allergies. It’s a constant problem–right now we’re in the midst of cedar fever where the cedar trees let go of their pollen and the air turns yellow. Later on in the year it’ll be mold, at another time oak. My favorite website to keep up with what’s in the air is They check the air everyday at 1:00 and report on it. When you get tired of sneezing, sniffling, coughing, and having headaches check out I wasted a bunch of money on air filters and with their help finally found one that stopped my mold allergy cold (hint it takes a specific UV light). I’m going to put up a review on a sister site soon.

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