Atomic Axis’ Green Mobile App allows you to earn Whole Food Coupons

You already recycle, carry reusable bags and water bottles and shop organically, and the benefits are considerable–you feel great about yourself, you’re out saving the world and whatnot. But what if you could earn something more immediate and tangible, like, I don’t know… Whole Foods’ coupons?

Did you say Whole Food coupons?

Whole Food Green Mobile Apps developed by Atomic Axis Whole Planet Foundation’s new free green mobile app, Make Change, Not Waste created by Atomic Axis, an Austin based mobile application development company gamifies learning about eco-actions.  Released in May, this mobile application gives users the opportunity to track their green activity and earn coupons to Whole Foods (which by the way are instantly available to scan on your phone at the checkout) for their actions. Planning on donating those old clothes that have been hiding in the mysterious depths of your closet? You can earn rewards for that.

Performing green actions like buying in bulk, reusing towels and taking short showers earn users of Make Change, Not Waste valuable coupons to green brands like Organic Valley, Alexia Foods and Natures Path. Don’t want to use the coupons on yourself? Not a problem. After earning a coupon, an option is available to donate a percentage of the coupon back to Whole Planet Foundation to aid in microcredit loans. You can track how much money you’ve raised under the “My Impact” tab, as well as bags you’ve avoided by reusing your own. Continue reading

Knife Sharpest – Get those Knives Sharp and Safe

Want to make life more pleasant and a whole lot safer in the kitchen?  Make sure your knives are sharp.  Graham Stuckey of Knife Sharpest has been sharpening knives for over 15 years and he will get you fixed up for a reasonable price  (often while you wait).   I took three kitchen knives in for sharpening on Christmas Eve, after the official closing time, and they were sharpened perfectly in just a few minutes.

Look around while you’re waiting the store offers everything from kitchen knives to fantasy knives–even swords.  If you really get ambitious ask Graham about knife throwing lessons. 

One thing, this is a small business that often has one person minding the store.  It’s not an ultra-clean yuppified store.  Cool stuff, cool service. 

Knife Sharpest, 4703 Burnet Rd., Austin, TX 78756, Phone: (512) 791-9673

2008 Consider the Town Lake Trail Foundation Calendar for your X’mas Giving

The Town Lake Trail Foundation Calendar  is finally here .  A couple of the pictures that you have seen in the AroundAustin galleries made it into the calendar.  I was asked to enter photos for this calendar mid-year by a friend.   The rules were that it had to be a picture of the trail (not the lake, bridges, etc.) and not have any recognizable people in the photos.  Sounded easy enough so I said sure.  A couple of weeks later she informed me that there were two National Geographic photographers shooting as well as pro photographers from other magazines and newspapers.  Well it was too late to back out so I dragged down to the trail and started snapping pictures–all in all I think we managed to walk that trail six times.  Well what do you know, despite the stiff competition

I managed to get two pictures into the calendar.  The one on the left was taken because the foundation built the wall and planted various native plants; the one on the right (which is my favorite) was because we were walking home and a shooting buddy said why don’t you take a shot of the gazebo….it was late I was tired…I groaned but set up the tripod and did it.  At any rate, the calendars are on heavy stock paper and beautifully printed.  100% of the money goes to the Town Lake Trail Foundation.  You can buy the calendar at

Continue reading

Give A Miracle: Austinites teaming up locally to spread the love, globally

We’ve always understood Austin had some cool people doing cool things but when they collaborate….watch out world.  Nav Sooch, Caroline Boudreaux, Trevor Romain, Austin Java…how do they connect?

Austin entrepreneur Nav Sooch created the Sooch Foundation.  The Sooch Foundation helped build 10 cottages in India to house orphans. Caroline Boudreaux from The Miracle Foundation got together with Trevor Romain, noted children’s author and illustrator to introduce the Give A Miracle Program which is designed to fill the cottages with household goods, health care necessities, furniture, etc. to create a fully functional village for the kids.

By going to Give A Miracle Program you can be a part of this powerful circle.

All this from a corner table at  Austin Java!

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