Downtown on PBS

An Emmy award winning series on KLRU…no no not that one….a new one…DOWNTOWN:  As Austin as it Gets.  This program which airs on KLRU on Thursdays at 7:30 quickly became a must record on the DVR.  The program has decent production value, interesting stories and places and people we recognize.  Some topics from last season – Congress Bridge Bats, Bike Messengers, and a new program at Travis County jail to decrease the rate of recidivism.   Downtown Austin Alliance, Action Figure and KLRU.  Tune in!

Austin Radio – KLBM-AM 590

News/Talk has been one of my favorite formats for years and I’ve listened to KLBM-AM for years (I remember listening to WBBM in Chicago growing up).  Unfortunately I rarely listen anymore.  KLBJ (590 AM) bills itself as "The News and Talk of Austin" but seems to thrive on ultra-conservative and controversial hosts.  The morning show has Mark Caesar, Ed Clements (BBQ, Beer and golf are a major focus), and Sgt. Sam Cox (a 31 year veteran of APD’s police force whose belief system seems to center around the law and government always being right and the rights of citizens are of no concern).   This is followed by Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, and then Jeff Ward (a self-styled libertarian).  With this lineup I tune in occasionally to catch the News but peace and quiet are much preferred to what this station has devolved into.

Owner: Emmis / Sinclair

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